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The Sphinx
In mythology, the sphinx is a creature with the head of a man and the body of a lion.
Near the Giza pyramids there is big statue of a sphinx. But it's not finished.
There is a legend that Napoleon broke off the nose of the Sphinx.
But the truth is it was broken long before Napoleon.
Some time ago, Japanese researchers found a secret room inside the statue.
But the Egyptians did not allow them to go inside the Sphinx.
So the sphinx is a mystery to this day.

Written by Lena

The rulers of ancient Egypt were called pharaohs. The word pharaoh means “great house.” It originally described the royal palace but later described the rulers themselves.

The Great Pyramid of Giza.
This amazing pyramid is in Egypt.
The pyramid is a monument to pharaoh Cheops.
This pyramid is 140 meters tall.
It has three burial chambers:
• the King's chamber
• the Queen's chamber, and
• the underground chamber.
The Egyptian pyramids are interesting monuments.

Written by Maria

In the north-east of Africa there was an ancient kingdom.
We call it ancient Egypt.
It was a great civilization.
They had astronomy, medicine and art.
Their religion is a mystery to us.

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